Graphic Design

We offer complete design capabilities, from concept to finish. Corporate, as well as personal, identification and logo. We will help you discover the graphics to enhance your portfolio or collateral materials.

Archiving Family Momentos

In order to pass on one's family legacy, it is important to collect and identify people, places and important events. Storing family history in a box is not telling the complete story. So it is vital to sort and catalog those items to create your living history for future generations.

Digital Albums

Digital albums offer a lasting presentation of your family history. Digital also allows other family members to have a copy for their personal library. "If you are the keeper of the knowledge, you must do something with it." mwh



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Graphic Design

Family Momentos

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Digital Album

Family History


  • 2016

    Our Mission Statement

    In order to give our clients many options for their visual endeavors, we combine our research capabilties with digital skills to create unique and dynamic presentations.

  • Marilyn HOnda

    Lead Designer

    Graduated with B.A. in English Literature, Occidental College.   Master's Degree in Communications, California State University, Fullerton.  Concentration in graphic design, advertising and marketing. Marilyn has work experience in print and corporate design. Established double diamond design in 1993. Clients included City of Chino and Chino Valley Fire District.  Generation Art new endeavor combining expertise in design and genealogy.

  • BrandEn Munar

    Digital Designer

    Many years of hands on experience in the digital arena.  Branden's areas of expertise include: Adobe Photostop; Adobe After Effects; Adobe Premiere Pro; and Cinema 4D.

  • Debra Crawford

    Technical Support

    A consumate perfectionist, Debra has many diverse and proficient talents. She is detail oriented and with professional capabilities.

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Marilyn Honda

Lead Designer

Branden Munar

Digital Designer

Debra Crawford

Technical Support

Generation Art is a team of professional and eclectic individuals.

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